OBX: Day 2

Day 2 in North Carolina’s “Flavor Country” (it’s a big country) was a blend of debauchery and responsibility. Waking up here begs the question, “why wake up early, since we’re on vacation”…. but somehow I was still up quite early, say 10am. After a good breakfast of leftover bbq from the night before, half the group stumbled the 200 yards to the beach and I stayed back to do a little work. Work you say?!?!? Yes, a couple conference calls and emails… not too much work. I guess time just flew and all of a sudden it was 3pm and time for lunch. I don’t know if it was typing emails that took so long, or watching Harold and Kumar visit White Castle that occupied so much of my afternoon. It got us craving for sandwiches, and given my present company of philadelphians, I went out and got a cheesesteak for lunch…mmmm, not authentically philly, but still a good substitute. When everyone got back from the beach, we piled into cabs and off to dinner. Instead of cooking, we splurged by going to a local sportsbar/karaoke/jukejoint. Food was okay, not bad for bar-food, but not better than my cheesesteak lunch. The reason for our dinner visit was karaoke. With only 40 people in the whole place, it was easy to request a song and be the next in line to sing. But this place had one problem…. No Sweet Caroline!!! AGGGHHH, what karaoke songbook doesn’t have a little Neil Diamond? We found many other things to sing, some good and some really good. Back at the beach house, we ended the night playing a french card game “Mille Bourne”, a throwback to a 1970’s game. For the 2nd night in a row, I fell asleep on the couch. I always eventually make it to my own bed after waking up in the middle of the night, but while watching Spaceballs at 4am, I must have zonked out…. can’t wait till day 3!!!

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  1. Lee Says:

    Heh. Harold and Kumar seem to always make me hungry too.

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