August highs, lows and in-between

August is always a crazy month. Each weekend is filled with either weddings, trips, barbeques or SEAFAIR festivities. It’s only the 17th of the month and already I’m exhausted from all the excitement. Let’s see if I can provide a rundown of what’s been going on.

SEAFAIR weekend started the month off with a big bang and the loud roar of the Blue Angel overhead. For those of you not from Seattle, SEAFAIR is a annual weekend celebration where there are hydroplane boat races, aerial shows from the U.S. Navy Blue Angels, and a lot of general summer hoopla. Being close to Lake Washington, I had a couple friends over for the inaugural grill out with the aforementioned grill. It was a long day full of surf, turf and frosty beverages. Amos hid in the bathroom during the fireworks, but I made him walk out to the lookout to watch/listen to the Blue Angels fly overhead and he just stood between my knees as if to hide his ears from the noise.

A week after SEAFAIR was a wedding in Vegas for Rich and Shilpa. Rich was a roommate of mine back in Northern Virginia a few years back and he finally tied the knot. It was a great weekend at the Bellagio and the wedding was not a typical Vegas drive-thru wedding… but instead it was a elegant and classy ceremony with about 100 guests. I couldn’t believe the number of people that came. 100 guests at a local wedding is a lot, let alone 100 traveling family and friends. That just goes to show how much we all think of Rich/Shilpa… great friends they are! One low point of the weekend was me losing my cell phone. Somewhere between Ceasars and Bellagio late after the reception and party ended, I either dropped it, left it, or something, since I couldn’t find it and had to come back to Seattle. So I now have a new phone, a new carrier (T-Mobile now - Trying to help Bodmer’s company) and an insurance plan that covers my phone for lost. Thank goodness for insurance, since I’ll probably need it sooner than I think.

While I was away in Vegas, and for the next week or so, my mom has been visiting and taking care of Amos. The house has gotten cleaner, the yard has finally received some attention, and Amos is getting more pampering than he deserves. I can’t guarantee that all the yardwork will be kept up after she goes back home next week, but at least it has a shread of a chance to look halfway decent by the time Lee & Sachi get back home.

Finally, I will be going on vacation starting on Tuesday. I hope to have a day-by-day account of my vacation, which will be relaxing at a beach house in the Outer Banks, North Carolina. Not that I wanted to be handcuffed to my laptop during my vacation, but I’ll have PLENTY of time to post in-between sitting at the beach, relaxing at the beach house, and all the other R&R activities I can find. One last thing before I go on vacation is another wedding this weekend… this one for Dave and Merrick. Great friends of mine and a ball of laughs, these two are sure to throw a tremendous wedding and a definite night to remember.

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