Give a man grilled food and feed him for a day…

…give him a grill of his own and he’ll feed himself for a lifetime. Over the past few months of spring/summer, I’ve been using Lee & Sachi’s backyard gas grill to remind me of good ol’ manly outdoor cooking. Nothing fancy, just steaks, ribs, the usual sort. Well, ol’ bessy (I just named it) ain’t doin’ so well and was on it’s last legs. Even with the gas fully on, meat would barely get warm, let alone cook. I think the grill is just gettin’ old and wants to be put to pasture already.

In comes the replacement. Even though I’m just squatting till Lee/Sachi get home from their trip, I couldn’t resist getting a grill that I really liked. This must be how women feel when they need a new pair of shoes….. I first went to a few stores to scout the options, then went online to read reviews and expert opinions. After determining that the $6,000 grill (which included a sink, refridgerator, and I think a garbage disposal) was too over-the-top, I found a grill that met both my features criteria, quality criteria and price limit. Also, it was the biggest grill that would still fit in the back of my SUV. I’ll include pictures later on, but this grill is a stainless steel 5-burner, 60,000 BTUs (British thermal units), with a rotisserie and a side station burner for a sauce pan. One of the cooler things it has is a pop up light that allows me to grill at night and lights along the knobs on the front panel. The guy at Home Depot said that it should take about 45 minutes to put together…. hmmm, not really. It took me about 2 hours, but that’s probably because the 2nd hour was in the dark. Thank goodness for the pop up grill light. I had to install the light before other grill components, since the sun had gone down and i needed to see what I was doing. It’s all done now and the old grill has been put aside. I showed the grill to Sachi by using the “Amos-cam” and she’s excited about the new backyard addition…. granted, she and Lee are in Macau right now, so a new grill can hardly compare to the exitement over there. Let’s go grillin’!!!

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  1. dad Says:


  2. Sachiko Says:

    Who’s SUV? Does this mean I inherit a BMW?

  3. Lee Says:

    The grill is soooo ours when we get back. :)

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