Doggie earmuffs

Fireworks have all the qualities a dog hates… loud bangs, stinky smoke and flashes of light. Amos doesn’t really hate fireworks as much as he’s OVERLY scared of them. During a walk a few nights ago, some kids popped some fireworks on the grassy boulevard about 100 yards away from us. It was just kids being kids (although a good 5 days before the official 4th of July). Since Amos was off-leash, the moment the fireworks started popping, he was running…. across the street and into the house. Luckily, no cars were coming. But since that time 2 nights ago, I think he’s now scared of going for a walk. Poor guy. I can still get him out there on the boulevard, but it’s like I’m forcing him to go to a proctologist, rather than out to pee. I can just imagine the impact of the upcoming 4th of July and the likely popping firecrackers to come. I’ll probably just play some loud music in the house and hope he doesn’t hear the “pop-pop-pop” from the neighborhood kids. Does anyone sell doggie earmuffs and how do they fit over his floppy ears? Somehow, after posting this entry, I have a feeling I’m going to get comment-spam from doggie earmuff online merchants….. drat. Here’s hoping for a quiet 4th of July with little-to-no explosive festivities.

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  1. Sachiko Says:

    My prediction - as you probably know by now, he hears it over any music you can play. And then he will find his way to the downstairs bathroom which is the safest room from the fireworks away from any windows.

    Since he was trained with firecrackers to not go out on a big road, he probably won’t head over to the spot on the blvd where it went off. For a long time…He’s a wimp.

    At least he knew to go home and not get lost around the neighborhood like so many other dogs!

  2. Skot Says:

    Good work on the Doggie Steps! Can’t build Doggie Muffs?

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