Diving 101

I’m taking Open Water Dive classes that will certify me to dive up to depths of 60ft. These classes were originally bought last year as gifts to Lee & Sachi in preparation for their trip around the world. Right before they were about to take the classes, they decided to not do it. Well… the classes were paid for, so I am taking the classes in their place. So far, the classes are really fun, but we haven’t left the confines of the swimming pool yet. The classes have gone over breathing, ascending/descending, clearing your mask and all the exercises around air depletion and shared air with your dive buddy. Diving is quite safe and with all the precautionary checks and backup systems in place, it’s no longer the risky adventure sport it once was. The equipment is probably the only thing that will shock you…. between fins, gloves, mask, snorkel, boots and misc gear, it can easily run upwards of $500, and that doesn’t include the more expensive items (that luckily we can rent) like the inflatable BCD (vest), air regulator and the tank of air. My co-worker Quinn (who last appeared on this blog in Oyster fest 2005 ) is using the other Dive class voucher that Lee/Sachi didn’t use. This looks to be a once-in-a-while type of activity, since it take preparation and a group of folks to dive with… so it’s not something you can just meet up and decide to do on a whim. I equate it to golf, where you need to block of 5 hours and find 3 friends to go with… but I think I still like golf better. But who knows, we’ll see how the Puget Sound dives go.

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