Luck turning around

A follow-up from the previous “Bad Luck Mojo” post…. the Mariners lost on Sunday 4-6, which only somewhat proves I’m bad luck. They were scoreless through the 7th inning and I was thinking that I may never see them score again…, but they got one run in the 8th and 3 more in the 9th before losing by 2 runs. Funny thing is that they had runners on 2nd and 3rd when they got their last out, so they were 1 hit away from tying it up. Oh well. The experiment continues on Tuesday when the Mariners return home to play Texas.

On a more positive note, during a Seattle-wide company meeting on Friday, I think I found my good luck again. As an incentive to get people to the meeting on time, there is a drawing for a door prize right at the beginning of the meeting. Of the approx 80 folks in the room at the time, guess whose name they called…. yup yup! So just for showing up on time, I’m the proud owner of an Ipod Nano (which is an Ipod about the size of a credit card). I didn’t previously have an Ipod, since everytime I thought about getting one, there’d be news that a newer and better Ipod was about to be released….. So maybe Steve Jobs is actually hurting sales by always trying to entice the public with a new upcoming product (Just my opinion of course). With the new addition to my gadget arsenal, I have no reason to visit BestBuy anymore…. except maybe for a plasma… but that’s a whole new ball of wax. Happy Easter to everyone and hopefully the Easter Bunny left you a little treat, or even better, hopefully Uncle Sam coughed up a little refund.

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