Bad luck mojo

I think Peter and/or I, give bad luck mojo to the Mariners. Peter is a Detroit Tigers fan and I’m a Philadelphia Phillies fan. But, since we live in Seattle, we both are secondary Mariners fans. Opening day at the Mariners was somewhat close… I think we lost 6-5, which isn’t that bad. But, over the next 3 games, the Mariners won them all. Then comes Friday. After missing the Tues-Wed-Thurs games, Peter and I attend Friday night’s game and our bad luck mojo is quickly felt. First of all, the ceremonial first pitch is tossed by the basketball coach of the Seattle University (Sachi’s MBA alma-mater) and the ball bounces before getting to home plate…. never a good sign. Talk about jinxing the whole game. Anyway, Seattle is playing typical Seattle-style baseball… i.e. each player is hoping someone else on the team will make a hit/run. There isn’t much to report on the game, as Oakland ended up pitching a 2-hit shutout. That means Seattle didn’t score and only produced 2 pitiful hits in 9 full innings. At this point, Peter and I are thinking…. “They win when we’re not here and they lose when we come to watch them”. Maybe it’s just bad timing, we conclude. Saturday rolls around and another game against Oakland. Again Peter and I hope for the best and expect the worst. Another 9 innings pass and this time, Seattle musters up only 1 hit. Another shutout tossed by Oakland. This can’t be blamed on the team, can it? It must be me and Peter coming to the game. Well, we’re settling part of this mystery today, as I’m going to the game, but Peter isn’t. So we at least will know if Peter is the jinx or if I’m the jinx. It’s going to be a long season if they get shutout everytime we go to a game…. hahaha. Now if only my Phillies could get their first win of the season… They’re 0-4 and already in last place in the NL East. Good job Philly, way to get our hopes up during the offseason just to dash them so quickly in the first week of the season. Typical Philly style; over-promise and under-deliver.

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