Seattle Mariners - Opening Day

Monday was Opening Day for the Mariners… and in true form, they lost. I have half-season tickets this year along with one of my friends Peter, so I expect to see many games this year. Besides the baseball game, there will be other side-games that we’ll be playing during each trip to the ballpark. One of them is “Find the free parking without getting a ticket”. This involves finding a parking spot near Safeco Field where I don’t have to pay for it, AND where I don’t get a ticket. Most places around the field are 1-hour parking, if not private lots, so it’s a tough game and one that I intend to have a 20% loss rate. The other game we play is “mound ball”. This is a game I originally learned from my college roommate Adam McCabe, that I’ve shared with whoever goes to the ballpark with me. It’s a simple game… at the end of every half-inning, when the 3rd out is made, the ball is tossed toward the mound for the next team’s pitcher. If the ball is not returned to the mound by the players, the umpire usually then tosses a new ball onto the mound. The turn rotates to all the players and if the ball stays on the dirt mound during your turn, you win… if it doesn’t, the $$ carries over to the next turn. It allows you to cheer for something during a 10-1 blowout game. There’s always mound ball during even the boringest of games. And here’s to 39 more games and hopefully 39 wins as well!!!

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