I’m back….

Hey Blog-readers… sorry again for the temporary vacation. After sitting in front of my laptop for hours and hours during the day at work, I relish the ability to avoid my laptop once I get home. Granted, I still do work emails and such at home, but it’s because I need to, versus the blog, which sometimes can be left on the back-burner.

So What has been going on recently you ask??? Well let’s see. Since my last entry, I’ve traveled to Phoenix for a friend’s bachelor party and the following weekend attended a wedding here in Seattle for Mike and Traci Liu. Mike was a classmate of mine. There are pictures on my flickr site (see right). During the week, work has been taking most of my time, so no big news to report there. Now that we’re all caught up to the present, let’s see what’s new to report.

It’s April 2nd and we just lost an hour. Why is my weekend shortened??? They should switch time at noon on a Tuesday, since then we’d all have to work an extra hour less, hahaha. The only other thing to report is the new neighborhood pizza joint that opened a few weeks ago. It’s called Mioposto and is located at the entrance to the Mt. Baker neighborhood. Very good pizza and I could see this giving Tutta Bella a run for its money. Plus, it’s only 4 blocks from my house, so it’s PERFECT on those lazy weekends when I don’t want to cook. I went with the Rahn’s on Friday and we sampled a few salads, a few pizzas and left very full (with leftovers). I highly recommend it if you are in the area. Coming up on the next post…. Opening Day baseball with the Mariners on Monday. They are currently tied for first place (since the season hasn’t started yet), so Seattle is enjoying it’s first-place position while it lasts……

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