Cingular lost my refund

I know people hate calling customer service, and I for one understand the reasons why. Today I blocked off about an hour of my time and called Cingular’s cust service since they haven’t credited my account for a phone I returned to them back in September. This isn’t the first time I’ve tried to resolve this. Back in November, I called and they said that it usually takes a few months for them to log the return, credit the account, etc… so I let it go, figuring it would clear itself in the next billing cycle. Well, I was wrong. It’s now March and I’m calling again to get my $400 back for the phone I bought and then returned a few days later. Knowing how companies prioritize their data management and billing operations, they first and foremost make sure that they are able to bill you the moment you activate your account. Sometimes, you get an email billing statement before you even get home from the store where you purchased the phone/service. A lower priority in designing a billing system is the refund/credit feature, since why would they want their customers to receive their refunds promptly??? Maybe they figure most people won’t harass them for a refund, but they obviously don’t know me…. They say they will credit my account in the next week, so hopefully that works out. What I should do is charge them a late-fee and interest, since you KNOW they would charge me random additional fees if I didn’t pay them $400 for 7 months.

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  1. Sachiko Says:

    Charging them would be something revolutionary. If you need a few hundred thousand people to back you up, I’m sure people would be eager all over the country. Just the petition via email, and I’ll sign electroncially. :)

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