Go Big or Go Home

That was the mantra all weekend during my buddy Mike’s party in Vegas. Mike is getting married in March, so 13 of us celebrated and took down the town. It was a great weekend, filled with a full day of golf Saturday and watching basketball and Nascar on Sunday. Speaking of Nascar, did I mention that I picked the Daytona 500 winner? Yup, Jimmie Johnson…. Looks like Baws Hawg is gonna have a great season in fantasy Nascar. Look out Blake, it’s gonna be a long season!

I’m outside of Chi-town this week, doing a little work, a little training, and a little catching-up on sleep. Black dog is being taken care of though, so don’t worry. My folks are watching Amos, so he’s got double the attention and probably a bunch of illegal table scraps to boot. Tonight I came back from a “team building” activity, where each team had puzzles and brain teasers to solve. Now, I’m all for this kind of activity, since I love solving things others can’t… but since we have so many international associates in training, they don’t understand puns or riddles, which really isn’t fair. Let’s see if you can solve this teaser:

What do the following set of words represent???

issues issues
issues issues
issues issues
issues issues
issues issues

If this is too easy, which it should only take you about 20 seconds, maybe i’ll give you a harder teaser later….

7 Responses to “Go Big or Go Home”

  1. Bacon Says:

    Tennis Shoes? - five seconds

  2. Mark Says:

    Not bad Berman….. now try this one

    A man has 4 baskets, each basket has 4 bags, each bag has 4 cats, each cat has 4 kittens. Count the number of legs, assuming no legs are missing due to medical accidents, etc.

  3. Bacon Says:

    64*4 (parent) + 64*4*4 (child) = you do the math

    baskets and bags don’t have legs do they?

    just time to read the question..

  4. Bacon Says:

    oh forgot the 2 legs on the Man…

    another three seconds - please add on

  5. Bacon Says:

    oh take away the 64*4*4 because never says the kittens are there…

  6. Mark Says:

    wrong Berman…. keep guessing… so far, you’ve given 3 different guesses. 1280, 256 and 258… none are correct

  7. Bacon Says:

    well I put up all those comments within 30 seconds of each other so I think it was clear that my answer was 258, which by the way I still think is correct according to strict logic… but it looks like your answer key has 1282 as the answer to the riddle

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