Happy Birthday to me

Today is my b-day… well depending on when this submission is time-stamped, it may not be anymore. The 9th has always been one of my favorite numbers; not only is it my birthday, but it was also the number of my little league baseball jersey for a few years and it’s the only number that sounds cool over a CB radio… people say niner instead of just nine. Although I had to work a full day today (no rest for the weary), my co-workers had a plate of cookies on my desk, along with a hanging “Happy Birthday” sign. Very nice. A few friends then took me to dinner tonight, so I’ve been taken care of all day :) In case anyone wants to sing “Happy Birthday to You”, be careful… since according to SportsNight (one of the best TV sit-coms ever!), that song is owned by the estate of Mildred and Patty Hill, so you may have to pay royalties if you sing it in public or sing it on your own website. Betcha thought that song was free… right? That’s why most restaurants always end up singing some bastardized version of that song, just so they can get around the royalty yet still keep their customers happy. Also, let me give a big shout out to Michael Ianniciello, who shares the same b-day, but instead of turning 28, he’s turning 1. YAY!!!

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  1. Sachiko Says:

    Yay! Happy Birthday!

    We want you to know that though you didn’t receive anything from us on your birthday, except for continued duties, something was obtained for you on your birthday - but it will take 10-25 days to reach you according to the Aus Post.

    Glad to hear it was celebrated!

  2. Mark Says:

    That’s a long time to wait for a gift…. but I guess I can wait. Now I’ve got a lot of anticipating to do before the gift comes :)

  3. blake Says:

    Mark, dammit, man! I had no idea, or I should say, I forgot! Kids are always stealing the spotlight. Happy belated birthday, my friend, from all of us. Let’s get together soon and drink a beer to celebrate.

  4. Michael Says:

    Hey thanks for the shout out.

    Happy birthday to you too. Thanks for coming to my party, it was totally sweet. Being one is pretty cool and all, not like being 28 I guess, I can yell now even louder now and crawl pretty fast, my sister still smacks me around and takes my toys though, she better watch out.

    Well keep looking out man.

  5. Mark Says:

    If you ever need help fighting back Bella, let me know…. i got yo’ back

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