Enough about those refs….

I’m a Seattle fan (when my Philly Eagles aren’t playing) and I rooted for the Seahawks with 250 other fans at a local party on Sunday… but this city has to stop complaining about the refs. I know, I know… I saw the many many blunders the refs caused, the touchdown called back, the mysterious holding penalties whenever Seattle got a first down, the Roethisberger touchdown that crossed the goal line after he was already on the ground for 2 seconds, and so forth. But at some point, this city has to realize that the outcome of the game isn’t going to change. The refs aren’t going to apologize, no matter how wrong they know they are. So let’s be the bigger city and act like the rest of the country portrays us to be… coffee-drinking, granola-eating, somewhat-snobby, environmentally-friendly, mostly-yuppie goodie goodies. Let the game be over with and lets concentrate on what’s really important…. that our city is better than theirs. Yes, I said it. Pittsburgh has a single major industry - steel, rundown industrial neighborhoods, and an inferiority complex by being dwarfed by the history, culture, and overall coolness of Philadelphia. Seattle however, is the hub of new business, new technology, cool-hip culture and is a constant destination city. Who amongst you has ever said, “Let’s go take a vacation to Pittsburgh!”? Just what I thought… nobody. As a football fan, a Super Bowl win and the Vince Lombardi trophy would have been welcomed additions to an already Super city. But as a sympathetic heart who hates to see other in distress, Pittsburgh definitely is in more “need” of a positive gesture than Seattle. Seattle-ites will continue to go about our business, forging ahead to make the next airplane, new-flavored latte, or software program… I guess striving ahead is our cross to bear. Now that Pitt has the trophy (no matter how undeserving they were in attaining it), they can make themselves feel like winners for a few moments, if anything, to distract them from the cold bitter envionment that is their city. For Seattle, we’re already looking ahead. Lots of great things coming up…. Mariner games, a summer filled with outdoor activities and another record earnings quarter from Starbucks. Now who’s the big winner? You guessed it…. Seattle!

4 Responses to “Enough about those refs….”

  1. Sachiko Says:

    Seattle - you’re this bear - this big bear with these Claws and you’re just batting around the bunny. What you gonna do with the bunny?!

    So money - and you don’t even know it.

  2. Mom Says:

    True and Noble, Sir Mark!

  3. me Says:

    enough about that game…. next year… superbowl…..No Refs!…settle it on the field like real men!!!!!

  4. Jason Says:

    #1 You ask “Who vacations in Pittsburgh?”
    I drove 600 miles to watch the game there.

    #2 You seem very proud of your “somwhat-snobby” Seattle. I wonder if all the success Seattle has enjoyed would have been possible without the efforts of Pittsburgh and other steel towns over the past 2 centuries. How accessible would the west coast have been?

    #3 Philadelhia was just deemed the most chemically depressed city in the nation. Why would Pittsburgh feel inferior to them? Pittsburgh has made great strides to rebuild itself. Your cheese is going to move someday, we’ll see how Seattle responds.

    I am guessing that you have not spent much time in Pittsburgh.
    Anyway, I accidentally stumbled upon your blog and thought I’d respond.

    So put in an old Mudhoney CD, drink a latte and enjoy your “Super City”.

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