Don’t mess with the DOG

And I’m not talking about the lazy black dog, Amos….. i’m talking about Dog, The Bounty Hunter. I’ve been watching this show for a few months and I think it’s a cool reality show that isn’t like other reality shows. Nobody has to eat weird foods like Fear Factor, nobody has to vote others off the island, the only people that lose are the fugitives that are caught. On each 30 minute episode, it chronicles Duane “Dog” Chapman (the bounty hunter) along with his team as they track down a variety of bail-jumpers. The action is real and the cameras go right with them as they capture these fugitives. I think the commentary is funny and the interactions between Dog and his team are always entertaining. If you have the chance, check it out. Dog, The Bounty Hunter airs on A&E so just set your Tivo to record it.

One of the cool things is that it is set in Honolulu, right near where I grew up. So close in fact, that they often show them driving away from their house, which is in a nice part of town, like 3 blocks from my parent’s place. (FYI Dad, they live on the only street that doesn’t touch the main highway). I like it when they say things like, “This is the toughest part of town” or “This is considered the most dangerous street on the entire island”. That cracks me up, since Hawaii is supposed to be a paradise and they always end up in the worse places where there’s drugs and people speakin’ pidgen…. I’m just waiting to see people I know (hopefully not running from the bounty hunters) just walking around in the background, since Honolulu is a relatively small place. It seems like everytime I go home to visit, I run into high-school classmates or relatives or other friends just randomly. Now that I’m aware of the Dog, I’ll be sure to keep an eye open for their big GMC SUV’s roaming around town or parked in the neighborhood. Bail jumpers beware, the Dog is out there and he’s gonna getcha!

4 Responses to “Don’t mess with the DOG”

  1. mom Says:

    They’re personalities appear to resemble what they portray on the screen. Definite standouts in the neighborhood.

  2. Sachiko Says:

    I’m sure Vi D. will have a say in it if she still lives there…

  3. me Says:

    I think it might be a Ford Expedition, as she tried to run me off the road not to long ago, they might have two SUV’s….she is a terror on the road… now the network is paying them over $50k per episode… it is the most watched show on A & E… kind of sad….

  4. Mark Says:

    I agree that they probably are a bit outlandish and probably stand out in the neighborhood like an iceberg in a desert. I don’t think they should serve as ambassadors to the islands, but it’s comical in a way to see them act the way they do. And being the top rated show on A&E is like being the smartest student at KCC. Is there any other real competition on that channel?

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