Where did January go?

Wow, it’s already the 30th of the month….. I apologize for you regular readers out there in blog-land, but work and taking care of amos and me not wanting to be on the computer unless I needed to, all factored into me being M-I-A for the last 2 weeks. Let’s see… what have you all missed during my hiatus????

  • On the Amos front, I was out at Costco and while buying his normal mikbones and greeny-bones (that make his breath smell better), I passed by a huge bin of fluffy doggy-pillows and had to get one for him. He uses it as his new sleeping bed in my room. I’ve been trying to keep him from going out in the backyard past midnight or before 7am, since sometimes even when he doesn’t have to pee/poop, he still goes out and barks his head off. I feel sorry for my neighbors, but he’s a dog, and i’m sure he’s telling the neighborhood, “hey, i’m a loud dog and wanted to let you know that i’m here”.
  • On the work front, it’s getting to a busy part of the fiscal year, so i’m definitely kept occupied for the most part. Since this blog is more about me than my work, i’ll just leave it at that.
  • On the fun front, the Seahawks are Detroit bound, and even though i haven’t been to a playoff game, i have gone to two regular-season games this year and i have been to tailgate parties outside Qwest Field before each playoff game, so I like to think that I’m part of the “12th man”, the unofficial title given to the Seattle fans. (FYI, there are 11 players allowed on the field at anytime, so the fans are given 12th man status). It’s a lot of hoopla upcoming this week as the hype usually outweighs the actual game. I broke down and got a Netflix subscription this week. When Lee & Sachi were leaving, they asked if I wanted to continue their Netflix account, but I told them that I wasn’t into movies that much… turns out, Netflix gives me a chance to unwind with movies that I haven’t seen, since I almost never get out to the theaters anymore (did you know theater tickets cost like $10 now???) I’ve already watched Two for the Money, Along Came a Spider, Sum of All Fears, and I have Garden State next to watch. It’s not a during the week thing, since that’s already full of work-functions, pub club, regular tv-watching and odds-and-ends chores…..
  • Maybe you have or haven’t noticed, but on the link list on the right, our friends Blake and Christi have recently entered the blogging world and their respective sites, Black Death Monkey and Griffin and Calder, are cool insights into their lives. Blake’s site was expertly designed by Anthony… Big props dude! If these two can blog and handle 2 little rugrats, then I really have no excuse for ignoring my blog. I’ve been told that Lee & Sachi keep track of Seattle through all the many blogs of us Seattle-ites. Lucky Lee & Sachi can now have two more blogs to make them laugh and miss home…. if they ever have time to relax between fishing (Great catch Sachi!!!), rafting, wine-tasting, and all the other fun stuff in their New Zealand leg of their trip….Sachi\'s Perch

Now that you’re kinda up-to-speed on what’s been happening, I’m all set to start another work week. I washed my car, since there was a 2 hour break in the rain-showers this morning… did I mention it was 43 degrees outside? Yeah, it was cold. And when i finished, the skies once again opened up. Ain’t Seattle grand?!?!? Stay tuned for more posts this week… i promise, no more multi-week absences :)

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  1. Sachiko Says:

    Quick pick on the photo! Glad to hear the black dog is doning more pillows in that house. Who has more?

    Keep us updated! :)

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