Goodbye lunch

For the past year, I’ve had the position of UW MBA Recruiting Coordinator. It’s been a fun position, interacting with incoming MBA students and prospectives hoping to someday apply to the program. One of the many perks of working with admissions is the fabulous admissions team or “A-team” for short. They’re not just co-workers; they have grown to be close friends. I sometimes visit their office just to shoot the shit and chat. Here’s a little synopsis on each of the “admissions girls”

  • Sunni Bannon - As director of UW MBA admissions, Sunni is the boss and whatever she says, goes. She has a fabulous sense of humor and great stories of growing up in Idaho… weird “country-folk” stories. Sunni was supposed to give birth to her first child, a baby boy, on June 6th, but as of today (June 17th) she still hasn’t delivered. We’re all waiting for the good news, so stay tuned.
  • Erin E. Ernst - Erin, or “triple-E” as we call her, is the asst. admissions director and quite a ball-o-fun. She does this jig thing where she pretends she’s an irish cowgirl… or something like that. I’d post videos of her dancing, but I’ve been explicitly told not to. As the youngest of the A-team, Erin is definitely the craziest of the bunch.
  • Carrie Schneider - “C-schneid” is one of the program coordinators and the “sunshine care bear” of the A-team. She always has a bright smile on her face and is willing to put her work down (or pause her emailing) whenever I stop by for a visit. Did I mention, she and her husband Ted are a blast to hang out with, whether it’s at their oscar night party or at Vegas baby!
  • Jennifer Nearn - “J-Nizzle” is the other program coordinator and the good and proper member of the A-team. Jenn and I would work at the front desk for hours chatting about good restaurants and having long discussions about what consitutued “single” versus “taken”. We’re still at odds about that one. She and her husband Gary are two “english peas” in a pod. Having lived in England, she uses weird words that make me sometimes do a double-take. A jolly sweet lass she is.

The A-team (sans Sunni, due to pregnancy) took me out today for a goodbye lunch at Chinoise in Madison Park. I should have taken them out for all the great times they’ve given me over the past year, but they are just too kind. Here’s a pic of the entire A-team. We missed you today Sunni! We’ll grab lunch together after little baby Bannon is born.

From left: Carrie, Erin, Jenn and SunniLeft to right: Carrie, Erin, Jenn and Sunni

2 Responses to “Goodbye lunch”

  1. Sunni "the Boss" Bannon Says:

    MONTANA!!! Weird country-folk in MONTANA, not Idaho. :-) We miss you Sully.

  2. Mark Says:

    Sorry Sunni…. i’ll make the change :) JP is looking cuter every time i see his pics…. keep it going!

    Is there really a diff between Idaho and Montana? Hillbilly is hillbilly, no matter if they’re catching snakes on one side of the river or the other….hehehe

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