Being productive

The amount of responsibility I have is finally being realized. On top of all the bills, deadlines and other appointments I keep in my life, I’ve added bills and chores that Lee & Sachi have left for me to do on a regular basis. In those 4-5 evening hours between coming home from work and going to sleep, I try to not be my normal lazy self and actually get stuff done. I used to leave errands and chores till the weekend, but then my weekends fill up with unenviable tasks such as cleaning the house, picking up dog medicine from the vet, etc… So i’m now trying to do things during the week. On Monday, I spent 2 hours paying bills and opening a weeks worth of mail, instead of watching tv. Quite productive if you ask me. I also cooked dinner too (which falls under one of my new years resolutions). Tonight I gave Amos a bath, which is something he reluctantly participates in, since on one hand, he likes getting rubbed down with towel afterwards, but i’m sure he’d rather smell like a dog, than shampoo.

Given all these new responsibilities created from Lee & Sachi’s departure, they were kind enough to send me a bunch of email reminders to keep me on top of my chores. Some of the things were helpful, like reminding me to contact their tax accountant in Feb…. but other tasks seem too obvious to even remind me, such as giving me a daily reminder to give Amos his medicine… really? a daily reminder? you’d think that after the 4th or 5th day, it would be as routine as brushing my own teeth. My favorite (and most useful) reminder is the reminder to take out the trash, since i always seem to remember at 7:30 in the morning when i’m driving to work and passing the trash-truck in the neighborhood. Speaking of which, i need to take the trash out after i finish composing this post. Hopefully the rest of the week (and year for that matter) continues to be as productive, since it’s a good feeling to know that you’ve accomplished something and didn’t just sit on your ass on the couch watching tv all night…. sitting on the couch is what the weekend is for (at least during football season).

4 Responses to “Being productive”

  1. Lee and Sachi Says:

    We forgot one. The fuscia plant next to the shed should be watered twice a week, but only on alternating weeks between July and November (evil grin). Feed Amos too. He likes that.

  2. Mark Says:

    This assumes two things…..

    1) That I’ll remember to start doing this 7 months from now…. and
    2) That I know what a fuscia plant looks like

  3. blake Says:

    mark, daily reminders to take out the trash and give the dog his medicine are just plain annoying. you should give away lee’s big TV to a friend who lives nearby or something to get them back. that would also help your productivity.

  4. Jeanine Says:

    Given you’ve got the cam up so LeeAchi can keep an eye on the old dog, they are going to have to let go a little more.
    Hey you guys -
    Daily reminders the first week: sure
    the first month: sort of ok
    Months 2 - 12: definitely not ok

    p.s. that fuscia plant looks like a pile of twigs with a planter buried underneath this time of year.

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