Woohoo to the weekend

A four day week is always a nice treat… but coming off the winter holidays and after working from home for the last week of December, it still felt a little long. Here’s where it’s at… NFL playoffs are here and that means games on Saturday and Sunday! Don’t expect me to leave the house this weekend, which I’m sure Amos will love, as well as my pocketbook for that matter. Playoff football is so much more than just a game… it’s a way to celebrate indoors, since it’s still cold outside. So instead of just waking up and lumbering to the couch in the morning, playoffs require some type of special food, special place to watch it, or a drink that incorporates your favorite team’s city. For Saturday, Washington vs Tampa Bay & Jacksonville vs New England… not much there, no really good food, unless you feel like shelling out $$ for New England lobsters (sorry for the shell pun). On Sunday, Carolina vs NY Giants has the possibility of New York style pizza or Carolina BBQ… both nice football foods. Pittsburgh vs Cincy is a good game, but nothing good about those cities, so looks like pizza and bbq it is.

Nothing says “bring on a fun weekend” like staying home Friday night paying bills, cleaning the hosue and doing laundry… WOOHOO! Maybe i’ll get really crazy tonight and order take-out…. oooh, you never know. Just wanted to give a happy travels shout-out to Lee & Sachi, who embark tonight on their first international leg of their year travel, leaving Hawaii for New Zealand. Wishing them all the fun and happiness at every stop on their journey. BON VOYAGE!

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