Happy 2006

The new year was rocked in style… with a bunch of friends over to toast 2006. Seattle on New Year’s Eve is mostly house parties, since it’s more fun celebrating cheaply at home versus at some expensive club at $50-$100 a ticket. Not much else has been going on this week, so that’s why i haven’t been writing. I guess resolutions are in order given the new year. Hrm… haven’t thought of what resolutions i want to have, so i’ll just give a few generic ones so i don’t have to be held to such stringent rules.

  • Keep the house clean on a regular basis - I’m afraid that if i let it go a week or two, then it’ll get out of hand and i’ll forget what a clean house looks like
  • Better time management - It’s so easy to sit down and watch tv all night…. but i need to use that time to get things done so my responsibilities don’t pile up on me
  • Connect with friends - I need to make the effort to contact friends so that time doesn’t become a barrier in getting together.
  • Cook at home more - Eating out is not only more expensive, but less healthy, so eating at home more will be beneficial for many reasons

Hope everyone had a great New Year’s. 2006 should be a great year filled with good health, happiness and hearing about all of Lee & Sachi’s travels!!!

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