Merry Christmas

Christmas was a little quieter this year than normal. Just me and Amos… i got a few presents, he got nothing. Well, he did get a really long walk, so that was my gift to him. Maybe I’ll get him a rawhide bone as well, who knows… he definitely doesn’t know, since he’s a dog! Last night (Christmas Eve) I got the fireplace going, the tree lit and Christmas music playing through the ceiling speakers. It felt so traditional, like it was something the typical American family in the 1960’s would have done. Time spent just together with family without the TV of Internet or anything else of our modern era. Although I could have used either more presents under the tree or people here to share it with, Amos and I still had a good time :)

I’ve been on a kick of old movies recently… with the holidays, cable channels run all their archived movies and I love it. Recently, I’ve watched Roman Holiday, It’s a Wonderful Life, White Christmas, The Shop Around the Corner, The Green Berets, and Miracle on 34th St. I get hooked on these classics and some I’ve seen 5 times. I’d recommend The Shop Around the Corner if you can only see one of them, since it was the inspiration to the Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan movie You’ve Got Mail but with so much more of a storyline and a great cast of Jimmy Stewart and Margaret Sullavan. Lots of good TV out there, you just gotta turn it on. And if you have a weekend spent indoors during a rain-filled holiday weekend, even better.

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