Sneaky dog

Amos has the run of the house when I’m at work…. and in the past, we always knew he would do things he was not supposed to, like sitting on the couches. When I’m home, he never gets on the couch, unless I tell him to jump up. He knows his place is on his doggy-bed, but the couch i’m sure is oh-so-much-more comfortable than his bed. Often times we would come home and the couch would be warm…. showing he was just laying on it. He likes to think that he’s fooling me when I’m not there, but now that I’ve installed a webcam in the living room, I can now get a live shot of what he’s up to and his normal behaviors when I’m not home. So today, I kept a small window of the webcam in the corner of the my laptop screen while at work so I could see what Amos was doing. Turns out, he sleeps almost all day. It was interesting that by the time I got to work, he was already snoozing on the couch. He didn’t get off the couch till almost 2pm, which he only did because he probably heard the mailman come to the door. Then at 5pm when the dog-walker came in, Amos went for his walk, then came back and correctly layed down in his doggy-bed. The moment the dog-walker left the house, Amos got up, walked to the front door to make sure she had left and then made a beeline to the couch again. Seriously…. this dog has two personalities, one that obeys the rules when I’m around, and the other that says “if nobody is around I can do anything I want”. He thinks he’s soooo smart. Too bad he doesn’t know what a gadget-techie I am. Now I’m trying to install speakers so I can talk to him while I’m not here and freak him out. What other gadgets or gizmos can I add???? Maybe this calls for another trip to BestBuy?

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  1. mom Says:

    Don’t give the dear lad grief! “freaking him out…” would not make him a happy poi.

  2. anthony Says:

    oh man, can I have access to the camera view?

    I have always wanted to see what Zero’s secret life was like. I think it has a lot more spazing, standing on the counters, and freaking out involved than Amos though.

  3. Sachiko Says:

    I think some Zero-watching would be very entertaining. Though I think you would find Bella in front of the camera most of the time. :)

  4. Lee Says:

    I’m thinking some kind of inspector gadget style way to give him a little scratch would be cool. If you do the speaker thing, we gotta limit access to the cam or the poor dog will be completely freaked out by the TV/computer thing telling him what to do. I’d have to say “you better get off that couch boy!” at least once. Then I’d tell him about all the squirrels outside.

  5. blake Says:

    This is some seriously funny stuff. Mark, you may have started something with this whole doggie spying thing. We gots to get the goods on that bitch Kali.

  6. Lee Says:

    Blake - you’re killing me, man.

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