Living room is wired for the world

Now that Lee and Sachi are gone and traveling for the next year, they will definitely miss Amos, the black lab of the house. To help ease the missing, I’ve now made the living room accessible to the world… well, not really, but i’ve set up a doggy-cam that will show amos in his bed, or if he’s on one of the couches in the room. Lee should be able to access it anytime he wants, from anywhere in the world. I just have to make sure that i know when the camera turns on, since i’m often on said couches too, so i like to know when i’m being watched :)

And the other cool thing installed in the house is the slingbox. In case you’re wondering what a slingbox is, it’s a device that transmits your TV across the Internet, so Lee & Sachi can watch TV from anywhere. Now, it’s not just a TV signal, it’s the actual signal from my TV… so whatever i’m watching is what they’re watching. Since we’re sharing the signal, they also have control over the TV. They have the ability to change the station, change the volume, or hunt through the Tivo box to find things in the archive. Needlesstosay, it’s going to be a feud trying to watch different things at the same time. Between watching their TV, seeing their living room with Amos, it’ll be just like they’re here.

Besides the electronic toys, the rest of the weekend was spent catching up with Amos and making him feel like he’s not by himself (which he is during weekdays when i’m at work). A long walk around Seward Park on Saturday tired him out, so he’ll be sleeping till Tuesday. And tonight was the Christmas parade of ships off the Madrona beach area. They had upwards of 30 boats all decked out with lights idling in Lake Washington playing Christmas music and driving around haphazardly like a demolition derby without any of the contact. The 25 degree wind-chill made the evening ship parade quite frigid, but still a nice time…. and Amos enjoyed getting out and stretching his legs. I always like having a reason to get out of the house on a Sunday… otherwise it’s a long day of football on the couch. And speaking of football, i’ve made it to the championship game in my fantasy football league, so i’m guaranteed some $$, since the top 2 positions get some money. If I win next weekend, it’ll be a nice Christmas. With my Philly Eagles in the toilet, it’s nice to still have a reason to watch the NFL.

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