mmmm, El Gaucho

Quite possibly one of the best steakhouses in Seattle… and last night was a treat going there. To celebrate Christmas-Kwanza-Hanukkah-Ramadan-Festivus, my team went to this great Belltown establishment for a very nice dinner. Anytime they create a ceaser salad tableside, you know it’s going to be good. But it was definitely a meat affair. Vegetarians be damned, carnivores only please. Our 13-person table was easily the most lively bunch in the place. Maybe it was the comraderie outside the office or the post-5pm conversations that would not be allowed in the workplace….. whatever it was, we dined for 3 hours and had a blast. This was a nice team reward for lots of hard work by everyone. Our team is still trying to figure out a way to have a team outing next year someplace outside of Seattle…. since a fine meal is great, but a weekend retreat, say to Whistler or Vegas, that would be just off the hook!

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