All by myself……

Lee and Sachi left this morning on their 12 month trip around the world. I took them to the airport and after giving them both a hug, they said their goodbyes to Amos, our black lab. Saying goodbye to a dog is tough, since they couldn’t tell Amos that they were leaving for a year-long trip and not just abandoning him. Also, Amos just thinks they’re getting out of the car and will be home later that day, so it’ll hit him in the next few days that they’re not coming back for awhile. I’ll try to spend more time with him this week so he’s not feeling all by himself, but after the last few months of having someone usually at home during the day with him, he’s going to have to learn to be by himself during the workday.

This house is now seemingly too big for just me. 3 couches? 2 offices? What to do with all this space? I feel like I should just close the door on a few rooms, since I basically just use the tv room and the kitchen most of the time. The other rooms will be opened only for the “occasional” party… and I say occasional just because I know Lee and Sachi reads my blog :) I will probably only have 1 or 2 get togethers…. each month. Otherwise Amos will not have anyone visiting him. And that’s my main concern, having enough people come and visit Amos so he’s not stuck with only me and Madeline. Madeline, by the way, is a sweet girl down the street that walks Amos every afternoon since I can’t make it home from work before his bladder explodes. She’ll be his best friend every afternoon when he is antsy to go for a walk.

Now going forward, communication with Lee and Sachi will be important, both for me & Amos and for them. I am going to get a webcam and hook up Skype or some Internet program that allows me to talk and send video images over the web. This way, they can see how clean i’m keeping the house, and how well Amos is doing. I hope to have somewhat regular web-calls with Lee & Sachi, so if anyone else wants to have video-chats with Amos, let me know. Amos would like that.

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