The week in review

Haven’t written in awhile…. sorry ’bout that. I spent most of the past week visiting relatives and getting away from Seattle. Nothing like visiting distant relatives and catching up on years of what’s been going on with each other’s families. December makes everyone think of family and visiting, so I just got some of my visiting done prior to Lee & Sachi leaving…. which is coming up on Sunday. Wow, this is coming up fast. With only 2+ days left, i’m getting them to be nostalgic and convincing them to do chores around the house that they will “miss” while being away for 12 months. Amos is going to get a B-A-T-H (can’t say it, since he knows that word and knows what it means) from Sachi and the kitchen will get a good once over cleaning before they leave. All things I don’t like doing, so one last time for good measure.

Lots of things to do before Lee & Sachi leave…. say goodbye to their friends, paint the town red one last time, and relish the warmth of home, since a hotel will never feel as comfortable. This weekend will be crazy busy, with all these Bon Voyage activities, along with another Seahawks game on Sunday. Seahawks vs. 49ers isn’t a good game, it should be a walk for the sea-chickens, but always a fun time watching NFL live. I’ll definitely let you know how that game turns out, since I have 50 yard line tickets (club seats!!!). WOOHOO!

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