Snow just won’t stick

On two different days this week, the weatherman predicted snow in the Seattle forecast. However, on both occasions, it was a lot of hype with no substance. We got all psyched and ready for a snowday and a “work from home” day…. but as soon as each flake hit the 38 degree surface temp, it melted. Then the second time, the snow actually fell in huge flakes, large enough to make us run to the office window and say, “oooh, maybe we should leave early so we don’t get snowed in at work”. But it turned to slush and our prediction of not being able to drive to work the next day became a myth even before we went to sleep that night. Luckily many schools were closed or delayed (just in case), so traffic was non-existent.

They’re predicting more snow flurries tonight but i’m not even going to bother. It’ll probably be rain or something harmless like that. Seattle freaks out with any dusting or white-stuff to the point where they prematurely shut down things before the salt trucks even roll out. Just 3 years ago, I was shoveling 2 feet of snow off my driveway in suburban Washington D.C. and still expected to be at work the next day… so Seattle comparably seems to have the sissy approach when it comes to handling snow. With all the 4-wheel drive Subarus and other so-called adventure vehicles adopted by the camping-hiking-outdoorsy Seattle-ites, you’d think they would know how to drive in snow, let alone wet snow/rain that we had this week. But apparently REI doesn’t sell a “how to drive in inclement weather” product, so seattle-folks never learned. One winter out on the east coast and these Seattle-ites would either be stranded on the side of the road or too scared to leave their homes. Now is it too much to ask for a good 6 to 9 inches of snow by Christmas? I’m putting that on my Christmas list……

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  1. anthony Says:

    How about those Eagles Mark?

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