Christmas music is finally here

Now that the turkey holiday is done, we can move into the best time of the year, Christmas. Bring out the music, the holiday lights, and let’s go get that tree. Nothing makes the Christmas season more apparent than a green tree in your living room. Can you think of anything better than sitting by the fireplace, watching the twinkling lights on the tree and listening to Bing Crosby singing White Christmas? Oh, add a little glass of eggnog and you’re set! I think Christmas music gets me thinking of past Christmas holidays of going skiing with the family at Lake Tahoe or sitting around the tree in the living room with the Time-Life Treasury of Christmas CD playing. Whatever the activity or lack of activity going on around the holiday, the best time is always when everyone sits around chatting with a little music in the background…. that’s what it’s all about. This year, it’ll probably be me and the black-dog sitting around the tree. If Santa doesn’t bring what i’m looking for, I might just get it myself. I definitely can get my own gift this year, but the question is should I? Can is very different than should and i’m trying to figure that out. I’ll be good for now and maybe a present will arrive…. if i give in and go out and get my own present before Christmas, i’m sure that’s frowned upon… and we can’t have that…. right? Maybe?

I think we’re going to get a tree today, since it’s Black Friday and none of us want to go near a mall. Last year we went out and cut a tree down at a tree farm, like our fore fathers used to do. But this year, i’m going just up the street. Hopefully we get it up and lit in the next few days, so Lee & Sachi can enjoy the tree a little before they leave.

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