Almost turkey day…

With all those people traveling around trying to get somewhere to see friends and family, it sure does leave a lot of empty chairs at work. I heard that 100,000 people will go through Sea-Tac airport today, which is a frickin’ lot. I’m not a big traveler on turkey weekend. In fact, except for a short hour drive to see relatives, i’ve hardly done any traveling in my thanksgivings past. I prefer a nice relaxing weekend of football, leftovers, and splaying (which i was taught a few years ago is the act of lying down on the floor after a big dinner and closing your eyes and allowing your body to digest for a good hour). By this time Friday, most people will be up to their eyeballs in turkey and stuffing, and giving thanks to Eugene Beals - the inventor of the pop-up turkey timer. So many people owe their holiday happiness to this guy, who invented the little device that tells you when your turkey reaches the right temperature (175 degrees for tom-turkeys). Without it, turkeys would be either super-dry or raw in the middle, since people are generally bad guessers when it comes to cooking something between 3-5 hours. I personally like the pop-up timer, but that’s because i like that double-check to let me know i won’t be poisoning my guests. Of the 45 million turkeys being gobbled up this weekend, roughly 30 million have pop-up timers. Of the 30 million turkeys with timers, a good 20% will still be overcooked, since the timer should have a bell, whistle or something to tell the person to remove the turkey from the oven. Otherwise, it may pop-up on-time, but continue to cook another 20 minutes before being checked and taken out.

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