Sleep is for the weak

Sleep typically takes a back-seat to anything else that goes on during a weekend…. if a bunch of friends get together and hang out late at night, sleep is postponed… and if there are early football games or events during the day, sleep is cut short to do everything that goes on during the weekend. This weekend was different. I was supposed to go for a run on Saturday morning, followed by the last UW Husky tailgate of the year (against arch-rivals Washington State)….. but after missing out on sleep for much of the week, my body was not about to let me wake up in the morning. Didn’t leave the house for most of the day… quite lazy i’m sure you’re thinking, but i think i was trying to store up sleep for future use. Somehow giving into sleep seems like i’m missing out on either a night out or a morning out…. and with weekends only being 2 days, can’t be wasteful, right? Looking ahead, a nice short 3-day week followed by the 4-day weekend. Can’t WAIT! Not that anything is planned, but knowing work is only 3 days long, can’t be that tough.

    A few things on my mind:

  • My Philly Eagles lost again, so i’m close to writing off their season
  • One of our friends, Mohammed, made “Moroccan Wedding Chicken” Saturday night, which was SOOOO good. He’s a professional chef, so he only knows how to make good food. If you have the opportunity, find someplace that makes it and try it!
  • Today was Nascar’s last race of the year and i am last place in my fantasy-nascar pool… which I guess makes me the furthest thing from a redneck… which maybe isn’t a bad thing.
  • Have you seen Slingbox? It allows you to watch your TV (and your Tivo box) anywhere that you have access to the Internet. I think that will be my next technology purchase…. maybe an early Christmas present to myself.
  • Finally… if I don’t feel like making a turkey for Thanksgiving this year… what takes it’s place? I’m open to suggestions. No ham or goose or rib roast, since that’s too trite in the traditional holiday repertoire. I’m looking for new things… things that you wouldn’t have regularly, so it’s still special but not overly traditional… maybe Peking Duck Pot Pie? Or Pulled-Pork Wellington? Any ideas?

6 Responses to “Sleep is for the weak”

  1. Sachiko Says:

    Sashimi & sushi with Gau Gee (fried wontons)! mmmmm…

  2. dad Says:

    instead of one B I G bird create a small flock of cornish game hens and create different stuffings for each… maybe take orders…or create a story for each stuffing as to where the bird is from? …. the smaller the hens the more you can create!

  3. Mark Says:

    HAHAHA, there should be a “surprise” in each little bird… like one that has a hershey kiss in it, one that has a piece of foie gras, and the last one that has stinky takoan…. then whatever one you choose, it’ll be a crapshoot.

  4. Lee Says:

    That feeling you felt Saturday morning that made you miss your run is something you should get used to, it’s called getting old and old people need their sleep. :)

  5. Mark Says:

    27 ain’t old… old is like, 30.

  6. Sachiko Says:

    haha! I’m 29. He’s…well OVER 30.

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