29 hours in sin city

I’m on hour 24 of my 29 hours in Vegas….. taking a breather right now to check-in with my blog. My folks are inVegas all week, so my sister and I decided to drop in and say hello (my sister is staying a few days longer than I am). I got in last night after a 3/4 day of work, but worked on the plane to get emails ready to be sent, so it ended up being a full day of work. After getting in, we all grabbed a relaxing Japanese dinner and then split up to play different games around the casino. After a few hours of winning and losing, everyone ended up crashing around 1am. Today was filled with casino-hopping and lots of walking around…. did i mention the lots of walking? Vegas casinos are so far apart, even when they’re next to each other.

I have about 5 hours left in this jaunt to Sin City, with a nice italian dinner and last-minute casino fun before jumping back on a plane to Seattle at midnight. We’ll see how tomorrow ends up…. at work that is. Lack of sleep + cold medicine + coming down from the Vegas high = rough day at work. 29 hours in any other city would be much less entertaining. Only in Vegas can it be done in so much style in so little time….

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