Paradise lost

Left the islands yesterday and will probably not go back for at least a year. Don’t worry, i got my plate lunch fix in, as well as seeing all the aunties and uncles in one big swoop at my cousin Matt’s wedding. One thing I always like returning to Seattle for, is the cooler weather. While on Oahu, my folks had the air-conditioner in their car fixed, since it was over 80 degrees and nobody wanted to drive a car without A/C. It’s November and still the A/C is the most vital part of living comfortably. My parents even installed a new A/C in their bedroom and all of a sudden everyone began to gravitate there during the day…. just to leave the perspiring heat for a few hours. In Seattle, i’m trying to convince my roommates to leave the heat off and wear more sweatshirts if they’re cold (to save $$ on heat). They won’t mind wearing a few extra layers…. and the dog already has his winter fur, so i’m not worried about him either.

In just a few days being back in Hawaii, I find myself speaking the local slang, pidgin, since you revert back to old habits when speaking to locals there. Here’s an example…… So, if I go speak anykine stuff la’dat, no go start beef if no can talk good kine. eh, haoles get always chance for speak good, but betta listen too oddawise get bus’up. Me no act barney when i stay local braddah. I one local boy and when get chance for get stuffed, whoa goin’ suck um up cause no more stay manini when get ono kine grinds. No joke cause i’m hapa, I goin’ sick ‘em you stay make da’kine lolo eyes and got nerve.

If anyone can understand that completely (other than Hawaii locals or immediate family), you mo’betta den i when expect. Just a little sample of local dialect that you can expect if you step foot outside the tourist boundaries of Waikiki. Next time you hit the islands, venture out and explore…. they don’t all speak such backass english, but if want to try, my bro-in-law attempted to decipher some of the pigdin language. You should try it…. If can, can. If no can, no can.

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  1. Lee Says:

    Funny stuff Mark, I love the “if can, can”. BTW, wearing more clothes to stay warm while saving money was how it was done in college. You’re all growns up now and besides, Amos is used to a certain standard of living.

  2. anthony Says:

    13% increase man! I am with you Mark on the dress warmer advice.

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