Mmmm, molten chocolate

Folks were in town this weekend… We hung out, went to great dinners, and just chilled in-between. Nothing like a good visit from mom & dad (and grandma). My sister, Sachi, graduated from SeattleU with her MBA on Sunday, so it’s been a crazy week of pomp and circumstance. If you’ve ever been to a graduation of any-type, they play that song over and over and over again until all the graduates enter and sit down. Talk about nausea.

Looking for a really nice dinner in Seattle? I highly recommend Palisade Restaurant for a great night out. I went out with my family the other night and it was oishi-katta (japanese for delicious). If you go, you MUST get the warm molten chocolate dessert, since it truly cannot be described in mere words….. all I can say is, “Damn, that was good!”

Molten Chocolate Dessert

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