I’m #9 in Google

Google ranks sites based on relevancy, that is, the more sites that link to a site, the higher Google ranks it…. since it makes sense that if other sites link to it, it must have something worth seeing. I did a simple search for my name, Mark Sullivan, and turns out, i rank 9th on the list. This is HUGE. Since most people only look at the first 10 results of a search, i’m stoked that mine came up in the top 10. Think about it…. my name isn’t unique or funkily-spelled, like Gerbanzilla, or Phranklin. My name is about at Irish-Catholic as you can get…. even though I’m half-Japanese. Go figure.

My goal…. to beat out the 2005 Canadian Grand Masters Fiddle Champion, who is also named Mark Sullivan, who has the #1 spot in Google. How to do it??? That is the secret that companies around the world have been trying to figure out. There are theories out there on exactly how Google sets it’s rankings, but to be honest, it’s a black box. It’s understood to the point to know what general things improve a site, but how to get it to be the absolute top? that’s the big-money question.

4 Responses to “I’m #9 in Google”

  1. Mark Says:

    Thanks Lee, and everytime your site links to mine, it’s like a frickin’ goldmine of legitimacy…. given the popularity of leelefever.com and commoncraft.com.

  2. dad Says:

    remember thge great pumpkin?

  3. skot Says:

    The ham radio/model rocket hobbyist and the DUI lawyer look easy to beat, but the 2005 Canadian Grand Masters Fiddle Champion? Yikes! Keep up the good work and I’m sure you’ll be #1 soon!
    (Either that, or start learning how to play the fiddle…)

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