What costume to pick?

Halloween is on Monday, but this weekend will likely be the time to wear costumes, not on the 31st. But the questions begs…. what to be this halloween? Costumes not only tell you about someone’s persona, it also gives a peek into what the person thinks is funny, scary, or demented. In past years, i’ve done things that have allowed me to wear my closet, i.e. use whatever i have already, since i’m too lazy to plan ahead. This year is different. I have 4 days to figure it out and i’m going to try and get something slightly original… slightly humorous…. and non-restrictive, so i can wear it without bumping into people or be forced to put it on and take it off repeatedly. Any good suggestions? I tend to stay away from politically sensitive or current events headlines, since you never know if someone will recognize if i’m dressed as Ben Bernanke (Greenspan’s successor). Don’t worry, I won’t be Bernanke.

Ghosts and goblins aren’t that original…. and face painting has never worked that well with me. I remember going to school in 3rd grade with a painted face and by noon it was all smeared from running around at recess (granted it was 85 degrees in Hawaii, so Seattle may be a little cooler). I’d tell you what i have gone as in the past, but some of it is embarassing and others are in poor taste, so you would have had to have been there….. sorry. I welcome any suggestions and no idea is too stupid. Well many ideas are too stupid, so i may not listen to them all, but i’ll at least listen/read them. BOO!

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