Can cook…. need eaters

Recipe books are nice, in fact they’re great if you ever seem to have all the ingrediants listed for a dish. I like to take a recipe idea and get a general feel of what should be used and how it should be prepared. On Saturday, I tried making a few dishes. There weren’t recipes per se, but amalgamations of ideas retrieved from other dishes i thought were cool. I prepared some halibut and tossing in a few sides, nothing too fancy. I realize now that i don’t eat out because i can’t cook, i eat out because cooking requires two things, 1) time to purchase, prepare and cook the food, and 2) ability to think of something to cook. That’s really the hard part. If someone would say, “cook lobster thermador on Wednesday”, that would be fine by me. Granted I have no idea how to make that, nor do i wish to toss a live lobster into a boiling pot…. but it helps to have someone say what they want cooked.

With a whole house under my control with a very nice kitchen, I may need volunteer mouths to eat whatever i can create from this kitchen. I used to hate cooking when i lived by myself, since if i made something that tasted bad, i was stuck with 4 or 5 servings of it that i dreaded for days. Until Lee & Sachi leave, I have them as guinnea pigs to try whatever i make (when i do get around to cooking that is). Not that this will turn into Aunt Bea’s diner where any of my friends can just come over for dinner… not at all. But when I do cook, it’d be nice to get some mouths to partake in the fun. And fun consists of first identifying the cooked item, then taking the chance and tasting it (at own risk), and finally trying to smile and say “mmmm, uhhh interesting” in the most honest face possible. So if you’re interested in putting your appetite where your mouth is, let me know. If you haven’t had a good home-cooked meal in a long time, don’t despair just YET…. it’s just a dry-spell and i’m sure a home-cooked meal is just around the corner. Chances are, if you’re not near home, the nearest home-cooked meal may be at your friend’s place. Friends that can cook is a great benefit to have. Find someone that can cook and make them cook for you, or at least learn from them before you let them go. Otherwise you may not eat a good meal for years….. yikes!

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