Get flying out of my system

With about 53 days left before Lee & Sachi leave for their 12-month world tour….. i’m seeing the writing on the wall. Soon, I won’t be able to leave Seattle since I’ll need to be here to take care of Amos, the lazy black lab who sleeps at least 22 hours a day. He’s a part of the family, so it’s more fun than obligation. But not taking any trips seems like a hard ordeal…. especially with the crazy amount of vacation days my company gives me each year. So to get it out of my system, i’m going to be taking trips whenever i can over the next 53 days. Already i have planned a trip home to Hawaii, a quick jaunt to Vegas and now a scamper to the Sunshine state to catch-up with distant family.

Make this be the open invitation to any friends wanting to visit Seattle in 2006. There’s plenty of space available and the weekends last all the way through Sunday….. All you gotsta do is give me a heads-up before you show-up. Seattle has espresso to wake you up, good food to put you to sleep, and in-between a plethora of in-and-outdoor fun to keep you busy. What else do you need? Forget about the rain, it’s just a myth. It rains less than you think, but don’t you blink, or you’ll miss the fun, under the sun, and if you wait, you may be too late, so get on your saddle, and come visit Seattle.

2 Responses to “Get flying out of my system”

  1. Lee Says:

    Dude, you can still leave with Amos around- he has lots of friends to stay-with. I think this is just justification for having more PARTIES at our HOUSE. :-)

  2. Mark Says:

    it’s more of an excuse to get people to visit me…. since if nobody visits, there’s ABSOLUTELY no reason to clean the house… and after 12 months of that, you won’t even recognize the place. So parties, however raging and debauch-errific, will actually HELP the place look better, in a ass-backwards sort of way.

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