Sundays are lazy

Is is because it’s the middle of the NFL season? Is it because the previous 6 days always seem to beat me up? Whatever the reason, Sundays are filled with nothing…. kinda oxymoronic, isn’t it? Between football, nascar, sleeping off Saturday night debauchery, and catching up on bills, Sundays have a strange routine to them. Before you know it, it’s 11pm and time to rest before another 6am wake-up alarm. I sometimes wonder what people do with their Sundays…. do they also use it as a day to catch-up with family and perform chores around the house?

My theory, is that people need the day off to recover from Friday and Saturday nights. I know our house fits that description. Last Sunday, all three couches were used for naps. For today, i watched 2 football games, 4 hours of Tivo and chatted online for an hour. Productive? No. Relaxing and necessary for my weekly recovery? Absolutely!!!

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  1. skot Says:

    I like lazy Sundays too. Yesterday, I woke up, ate breakfast, watched TV, played Gamecube, ate lunch, watched a DVD, walked to the market to get food for dinner (my exercise for the day), ate dinner, and then ended the day grading spelling tests (oh wait, I did do something useful!) while watching more TV. I like to think I’m usually more productive on Sundays, but, um, not yesterday. Glad to hear I wasn’t the only one! :)

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