Moons over my hammy

Denny’s is not just a late-night or early-morning breakfast joint… it’s an institution that everyone has a little place in their heart for. People may have their own lookalike favorites (i.e. Waffle House, IHOP, mom&pop’s greasy-spoon diner), but there’s always a place, between wherever you are and home, that hits the spot at 3am…. and in Seattle, there’s a couple places: Beth’s Cafe and of course, Denny’s.

So Denny’s at 3am is usually a good idea…. and also a terrible idea. Kinda like that decision to have that double-chocolate milkshake before riding a roller-coaster. The menu is filled with pictures of things that look good under bright lights in a photo-shoot, but may not look as good coming out of the kitchen during the graveyard shift. Now, I’ve worked in marketing and i know how important it is to name products in a way that makes people want to buy it. One of those pictures was of a grilled ham & cheese & egg sandwich… but being Denny’s, they had to make up some crazy-ass name for it. And thus is created, “Moons over my hammy”. This breakfast is quite widely well-known. At 3am, we couldn’t figure out what the moons referred to… and now a day later, i’m still not sure… is it because the moon is thought to be made of cheese? (given the cheese in the sandwich?) or are the moons the yolks in the eggs? But since the eggs are scrambled, that argument is bunk.

You’re probably thinking, “is that what he thinks on a regular basis?” Well, yeah… that is. Not every post should discuss intellectual topics, such as the game-theory work of Economic Nobel Laureates Robert Aumann and Thomas Schelling. Sometimes, you just gotta talk about crazy things that pop into your head… like why do dogs grab and chew the remote control, when a perfectly good doggy-bone is sitting next to the remote? Apparently, they like the fact that humans use the remote and therefore there’s an innate desire to follow their master…. and grab the remote. Stupid dogs…hehehe

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