A boat versus a yacht?

Is there a difference between a yacht and a boat? Some people say a yacht is for pleasure sailing or crusing, while a boat is just a vessal on the water. Personally, I think the difference is a yacht is for high-brow folks that lift their pinky when sipping their cognac, while boats are for those that still need to work 40 hour/week to pay for it.
One of the interesting things about boating is the terminology…. there are so many lines that I like that I don’t always realize come from the boating world: Hit the head, chum the water, down the hatch,… and my personal favorites, Throw it overboard and Cut the anchor.

Now owning a boat (or yacht) is probably not in my near future. A vessal like that would take too much time from my schedule and cost too much money to upkeep. Maybe borrowing boats on weekends or just looking at vessals should be good enough if I need to get out on the water. Since I don’t know how to operate a boat, chances are I would just throw the anchor overboard, since i’m risky that way. You never know where the boat will drift to, or what things you’ll run into while drifting, but you know it’ll be interesting and it’ll be a party all the way there, wherever there is.
Enough talk about boats… i’m starting to get seasick just thinking of rocking back and forth

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  1. Sachiko Says:

    Analogies/sayings…Funny on the outside, yet so revealing…

  2. Mark Says:

    it’s only funny since dramamine doesn’t work when I get sick and tired…. only good food like chop-suey makes the sea-sickness go away. Mmmm, party anyone?

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