Jules Verne did it faster…..

It only took 80 days… just 80 days to criss-cross the globe, using trains, boats and whatever else Verne’s character, Phileas Fogg, could find to get him back to London in the short 3 months. Unlike the fictional writings of 1872, nowadays it only takes maybe a day or two to span the globe, only a couple hours if you’re an astronaut orbiting at 17,500 mph. This is much quicker than Verne every believed was possible. Seems a little pointless to circle the globe as fast as possible to just get back to where you started…. you don’t get to see anything, cause you’re always hurrying to get somewhere else.
Lee and Sachi (my brother-in-law and sister) I think realize this and thus are taking their sweet-ass time to trek across Mother Earth. About a year to be exact… over 4 times longer than even thought possible in the mid-1800’s. Time to see sights, time to mingle with locals, time to sleep till 2pm after 4 days of sightseeing around a city. It will surely be a trip that is packed with enough memories to satisfy their “I wish I could visit…” or “man it would be cool to see….” desires, at least for a few years.
Starting in Seattle, they’ll visit each set of parents (in North Cackalacky & Hawai’i) before stepping off of U.S. soil. First New Zealand, then up thru Asia, over to Europe, down to hot-ass Africa (maybe hitting South America) and hopefully back to the states before my birthday in 2007… (Feb 9th in case you were wondering). After house-sitting and dog-sitting for them for 14 months, I’m due for a frickin’ bomb-ass present! Hope it ain’t one of those russian nesting dolls that fit one into the other….
Even though their trip doesn’t start till December (not that i’m counting the days or anything) today is the kick-off of the trip web-log/site/suggestion page, The World is Not Flat. This site will allow you to share your own stories of cool or not-so-cool places you’ve been to and to see what others have shared as well. This will end up being a plethora of interesting restaurants, cool hotels, biggidy-bomb touristy spots and secret out-of-the-way locales that most people miss during a normal vacation. By everyone sharing their little tidbit of “hey, you should do this when you’re in….” or “This side-alley restaurant was the best meal in the city”, everyone will become enlightened and the community at-large will benefit from your stories.
The 2nd purpose of The World is Not Flat is as a travel-log for Lee and Sachi to post as they visit different parts of the globe. Not everywhere will have a phone signal, and they’re not going to be able to call everyone they know at every stage of the trip, so this is a perfect way to keep abreast of where they are in the world and what cool sh%t they’ve been up to. I personally like the map function that positions then on Google Earth everytime they make a post, so you don’t have to look at an atlas to realize where they are…. for instance if they were in Eretria, how many of you really know where that is? Well it’s here, in case you were wondering.
It’s looking to be an absolute fun time. For Lee & Sachi, a whirlwind of countries, airports and weird-ass foods. For me, a year filled with houseparties and the like… the first being right after they leave in case any of you are residing in the Seattle-area. (details to follow later)

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  1. Sachiko Says:

    Enjoy the house party pizza and beer…

    We’ll be enjoying food made from…things that jump, things that bite, things that squirm, things that are still squirming and lots and lots of rice.

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