A glimpse of the simple life

Last night, around 9:30pm (right in the middle of prime-time TV mind you) the power went out and we entered life without our normal stuff. Stuff you don’t even think about. Besides not having lights, which we still caught ourselves instinctively flicking light switches when entering rooms, I realized that we’re bound by the things that run on electric juice. The TV, Cable-modem, stereo, fridgerator, alarm clock… and the list goes on. Luckily, toilets run on sheer water pressure, so we could still flush….ahhhhh. We were talking last night, by candlelight, that Katrina caused hundreds of thousands of people to lose electricity, not to mention running water and basic essentials. Now imagine, with no water, power or sense of what to do, having to fend off looters and others in a irrational state of lawlessness and panic. The worse thing that happened for me was I missed the second half of “E-Ring”, which i’m not totally sold on yet. I realized that if we had to stick it out during a disaster, we have enough food for maybe a week, enough drinks for a little longer than that, and enough toilet paper and paper towels to last through January…..thank goodness for Costco!

Now with Rita bearing down on the Texas coast, this whole process of evacuating, waiting, returning and rebuilding looks to repeat itself. One thought has crossed my mind…. with all the gridlock traffic going north away from the gulf coast, why don’t people do most of their driving at night? The roads would likely be less crowded, the weather a little cooler (than the 97 degree Houston heat) and they would still beat the storm’s arrival (tomorrow afternoon). I get frustrated on the daily 30 minute commute… imagine traffic so bad that you can get out of your car, walk to the gas station’s restroom, wait in line to use it, and walk back to your car without traffic advancing at all. Insanity.

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