Ahhhh, football

There’s nothing ike the sweet smell of grass mixed with the sounds of people crushing each other over a little piece of leather pigskin… it’s finally football season!!! Unlike the 162 game baseball season, or the 82 game NBA season, football condenses it down to a mere 16 grueling, hard-hitting contests that separate the men from the Men. (the second “M” is capitalized) I can’t name any players on the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball team or on the Atlanta Hawks basketball team, but I can pretty much name every starting QB, receiver, running-back and tightend (and often times i can even name the backup guy that hardly ever gets to play) on ANY team in the NFL. I absolutely love going to a sports-bar on a Sunday during the season and simultaneously watching 8 games on 8 different screens…. and being able to follow each one.

To create a little competition amongst friends, I participate in a couple football pools and fantasy leagues with some buddies of mine. I was successful last year in winning a the top prize in one league… which was a nice Christmas gift to myself. If you know me, you know that i’m also in a fantasy nascar pool with my bro-in-law Lee and some friends, where we choose which drivers will win the Nascar Nextel Cup race each week. Not to say that driving around in a circle for 4 hours isn’t exciting enough on it’s own…. but it sure helps to root for a driver and to root against whichever driver Lee picks. HAHAHA

As is done during this time of year, i shall make predictions…. For Nascar, the last 10 races in the “Chase for the Cup” starts soon and I am picking Matt Kenseth (#17 DeWalt Tools - Ford) to win it all. For football, I’m picking my Eagles to win SuperBowl XL. Even though I’d probably pick Philly to win either way, I honestly believe they are gonna blow the other teams away and coast into Detroit in January and deservedly take the Vince Lombardi Trophy from the Indianapolis Colts. On a side note… since this year is SuperBowl 40 or “XL” in roman numerals, I wonder how many stupid people will buy shirts with the “SuperBowl XL” logo on it and assume the shirt is an Extra-Large size. I’m guessing 10% of the people. Luckily it’s being held in detroit. Imagine if it was being held in a hick-place, like Texas… that percentage would climb at least to 20%.


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