Costco is a black hole of spending

Tonight was a typical trip to Costco. Running low on TP (toilet paper if you were wondering), I figured we’d pick up a few odds and ends while there…. nothing much. Little did we realize…. Costco is setup to get me to spend money on things i didn’t even know existed, let alone thought I needed. I’m not talkng about big screen TV’s, or vacuum cleaners… those things I can easily avoid, since 1) I don’t want to carry anything big home, and 2) those things are friggin’ expensive. As we went through the food aisles, we found things that you don’t find at regular supermarkets…. and this I think is the key selling point for Costco, to avoid price comparisons. You can’t find a 3 lb container of “Chicken Adobo Roasted Corn Chowder” at Safeway, so how do you know if $8.49 is a good price??? I can’t tell. So knowing that Costco has a maximum markup of between 10-13%, I know they can’t be robbing me too much. Aisle after aisle, these “unique” products kept appearing, sometimes appealing (frozen chinese dumpling appetizers) and sometimes shocking (7.5 lb bottle of Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup… honestly who needs that much syrup?). Without going into everything that ended up in my cart by the end of the 45 min visit, my intended shopping trip to get TP all of a sudden turned into a $322 bill and a wagon load of items that seemed like good ideas when i put them in the cart. Costco’s easily-preparable foods are as tempting to guys as liquor stores are to raging alcoholics…. way too many impulse purchases. In case you were wondering, both the dumplings and the 7.5 lb bottle of syrup both ended up in my cart……. don’t ask…. just don’t.

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