Mmmm, papaya

This week is Hawaiian food week at Uwajimaya’s (a local ethnic grocery store that carries quite a few “local kine grinds”, a.k.a. tasty island food) and some things just make you say, ahhhh, I miss that. One of those things is Hawaii-grown papayas. If you think of papayas as those big, oddly-shaped fruits the size of small footballs, you’re wrong. Hawaii papayas are smaller and sweeter, about the size of softball. If you’re in Hawaii, you can probably get them for about $0.40 each. Here in Seattle, they go for $1.89 (this week only, so hurry down there!) which is still under 2 bucks, but in my mind, it’s highway robbery. I say somewhat hypocritically that as I digest a $4 espresso/milk concoction from Starbucks….


Are you starting to see a Hawaii theme to my posts? Well I went to a Hawaiian music concert recently over on Lake Union featuring Kealii Reichel. It must seem weird that people from Hawaii like music that they can’t even understand. True. I can’t understand any of the words to his songs, except for the easy ones…. like “aloha” and “mahalo”. It doesn’t matter though, since most hawaiian songs sound the same, just like how country-hillbilly banjo music all sounds the same… when they yell out “ho’down” you know it’s gonna be a bunch of fiddlin’ and two-steppin’…. unless you’re the one who throws your girlfriend on the floor. Yeehaw!


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