I awoke this morning to an unfortunate sight…. someone sideswiped my car last night while I was sleeping. I park on the street in front of the house, but since there’s always the concern of getting hit by cars on my street, we all park our cars with the right wheels on the sidewalk. I guess I need to start parking my car with more of the car on the sidewalk. Maybe all 4 wheels need to be off the street. No note was left… which figures. All I know is that it was a black/brown color car that hit me, since that was the paint left on my driver door. I would take pictures of the damage to show you… but my car doesn’t like to pose for pictures when she’s not at her best.

The driver door panel is scratched up, but the left front panel is bent a bit, so they’ll replace that… plus a new driver’s side mirror, since the existing one is hanging by a few wires and in about 100 pieces on the ground. 3-days to get fixed and $1800… sure doesn’t seem fair, does it. Yea for Allstate. I knew insurance was a good thing. I’m never worried about my driving (knock on wood), I’m only concerned with other drivers…. and nothing epitomizes that more than my car getting hit while I’m in the house sleeping. F$&(*$#%@ (I do run a PG-rated site here…)

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  1. anthony Says:

    bummer man, sorry about that.

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