Cheap DVD’s from China

When I was in China for 2 weeks in March, I picked up a few souveniers… not much, just a postcard here, a trinket there, and oh yeah… about 6 DVDs I got for about a buck a piece. This wasn’t from some street vendor selling from the back of his van. This was from a seemingly legit DVD store where there were TONS of locals buying as well. So I bought my DVDs… nothing super new, just things I don’t mind watching repeatedly (A Few Good Men, Armageddon, Dodgeball and Ocean’s Eleven). When I returned home, we all had doubts that any of them would work, so we put in “A Few Good Men” and by some miracle, it worked perfectly. I filed the rest of them in the bookshelf, assuming they would work as well…. wrong assumption.

I took out “Ocean’s Eleven” this week, hoping to regain some television sanity from the reality-tv filled summer programming schedule. (Can’t we just have a reality-tv channel where all the apprentice/survivor/amazing-race shows can be quarantined?) Instead of finding Ocean’s Eleven in the DVD case, I find some french movie that has the word “Eleven” in the title… which shows the person packing it probably didn’t read ‘en-grish’ too well and just put in what they thought was the right dvd. I guess the old mantra fits, “you get what you pay for”…. and for a buck, I got just that.

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