Personal Injury Attorneys

Did you know that when you Google “Personal Injury Attorney”, the sponsored links that appear at the top of the search list pay a lot of money to be there? They pay even more if you click on them. They don’t really pay you, they pay Google, so don’t run to the bank hoping to see extra zero’s in your account. When working at my internship last year, I would discuss Google ad rates with co-workers in charge of buying space on the enormously popular search engine. For the really popular searches, like Personal Injury Attorney, sponsored links could cost as much as $80-$120 per click. That’s each time someone clicks on that link. So…. if you feel like putting it to a few attorneys, go ahead and click on a few and raise their Google ad bill. Other searches you can try include: “mortgage brokers”, “auto loan financing”, “term life insurance” and “LeFever black dog”. Just kidding about that last one… i just wanted to give a search that put a picture of Amos (the black dog member of the family) as the top result in the search.
Lazy dog……

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