Guilty of neglect

Dear weblog,

Sorry for neglecting you. It’s been a couple weeks and you probably don’t know what’s been going on in my life. Let’s see…. I started work and have been busy with orientation and training. Outside of work, I spent one weekend out in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho at a beautiful wedding. The last time I was in Idaho, I was driving through on my way from D.C. to Seattle, with a stop only for gas and a quick lunch at the Coeur d’Alene Denny’s. After getting a chance last week to really take it all in, I was surprised how nice Idaho could look. We got down with our boogie shoes and had a blast. I didn’t bring a camera (read preceding post on Amex Insurance to find out why), but i’ll post some pictures of the wedding once they start getting circulated.

This weekend was the annual SeaFair weekend in Seattle. For the little kid in all of us, the Navy’s Blue Angels air show and the Hydrojet boats created enough horsepower to make even the smallest kid do a ‘Tim Taylor’ grunt…. arrh arrh arrh. The crowd for SeaFair is a whole ‘nother story. Northwest rednecks with fatigues, folks with mullets and jean shorts, i even saw a few teens dressed in all black and goth make-up. All black? really? on a hot summer day? Were these people born without sweat glands? I guess this is Seattle’s version of Nascar weekend in the Northwest…. but with planes and boats instead of cars.

Don’t worry weblog, i won’t go another two weeks before my next entry. My life has gotten less intersting now that work has started, but that just means you will get more “hmm, i had this weird thought today….” insights into my head.

Until we chat again weblog…. have a great day!


2 Responses to “Guilty of neglect”

  1. Lee Says:

    Navel gazing often makes for the best blogging. And did you really go to Denny’s in Idaho? Don’t they have any local food there? ;)

  2. Mark Says:

    i guess potatoes….. but what restaurant is gonna advertise “best darn taters in the world”? I like rice. So if they had the best darn rice in the world… now that i would stop for. i’d even bring my own soy sauce.

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