Yea for American Express Insurance

Of the different credit cards I use, I like using my Amex… mainly for points/miles and such, but also for a little extra insurance that I never thought I would use. My camera that I bought a couple months ago recently broke and I didn’t know what to do. It was past the store’s warrenty period and the manufacturer only covers things that are their fault, not mine. Luckily, I used my Amex to purchase the camera. Amex has a 90-day purchase protection, that if I break or lose my purchase, they will replace the item. Pretty cool, huh. The best part, is I don’t have to lie about why it broke. They don’t care if I stepped on it, or dipped it in honey…. all I have to do is tell them it doesn’t work and they take care of everything. What a relief, since I didn’t want to shell out another $400 to replace my camera.

Even though I used to work for a competitor credit card company for a couple years, I would recommend Amex over any other issuer everyday of the week and twice on Sundays. Other cards don’t try to help their customers, they just try to screw you through service charges and fees. When I was working there, there used to be an option customers were given: Either a service fee of $6 per month or $60 per year. Now, we can all do simple math in our heads and can see that the yearly $60 is cheaper than 12 x $6 = $72. But the low-end customers that they would attract wouldn’t realize this and would choose the monthly $6 fee. Do I blame the customers for making stupid decisions? or do I blame the credit card company for even offering such a insane choice? You make the call. Needless to say, I have developed a clearer conscience after leaving that company, since I don’t feel apart of a company that screws the people that have little left to be screwed out of.

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