No more softball….

This weekend, I played in a Seattle city league softball playoff tournament. It started with 20 teams on Saturday morning and through double-elimination, each team is shown the door that closes their summer season. To say our team was duct-taped together would be an understatement. Everyone that plays must be listed on the pre-season roster (submitted back in April). However, only about 5 guys were able to play from the original team, so a bunch of us were substitutes, filling in this weekend since we had nothing else to do. Each sub was given a name from the original roster…. my name this weekend was Mike Busse. So you can now call me “bus” and I’ll likely respond. I’m hoping that’s not a nickname that sticks…..

On Saturday, we won 3 games and lost 1. Four different 90 minute games can tire you out, even being only softball. After a late night out, our Sunday game was briskly at 9am. WAY too early in the morning for a Sunday. We won that game but lost the 2nd game today… so we’re out. On a good note, of the 20 teams, we finished 4th, so we got a team trophy. I’m through with softball for awhile; I’ll stick to golf, since I love to drive around those little carts.

Countdown to starting work: 8 days left

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